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Barbara Allen is an award-winning author, speaker, and Gold Star Wife. Dave Brown is a real estate investor and lifestyle entrepreneur. Together they bring you inspiring stories and authentic interviews from exceptional Americans, veteran entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders, and influencers who are living the American Dream. Barb and Dave are committed to their mission of helping people pursue their own American dream, support those who honorably serve, and spotlight all the extraordinary and positive things Americans just like you are doing to make this country a better place. Whether they are celebrities or small town heroes, each guest is a shining example of the American Spirit. The American Snippets Podcast is here to help you dream bigger, live better, and make an impact. What's your American Dream? We know you have one!

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    E086: What Does the American Dream Mean to You?

    Living your own American Dream is not dictated by a fixed set of rules or standards. We are all different and so are our dreams and aspirations.

    Living the American Dream is all about YOU and your right to live freely and pursue happiness.

The sooner you understand this the sooner you can start creating the dream life you want for yourself.

    Get clear on YOU and what makes you happy.

    Take stock of your life and define those things that matter the most to you. Then prioritize your actions and efforts into those things that will draw you closer to living your dream and reaching your goals.

    The American Dream should not be viewed as a fixed universal concept but should be judged based on your individual preferences, passions, capabilities, and goals.

    I hope our guests today and their definition of what the American Dream means to them can give you the inspiration and insight you need to start your living yours.

    Listen in as Steve Sims, Laurie Watkins, Mark L. Rockefeller, Elena Cardone, and Tim Jenson share what the American Dream means to them.

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    E085: Just Stand, With Tyler Merritt of Nine Line Apparel

    Tyler Merritt is the founder of Nine Line Apparel, the relentlessly patriotic company that thrives on starting conversations between those who serve this country, and those who enjoy the benefits of that service.

    While Tyler admits he knows nothing about apparel, he does know his way around business and in this episode, he shares how he made all the pieces of the entrepreneurial puzzle fit.

    Listen in as Tyler talks about his inspiration for his company, his principle for management that has grown Nine Line to massive success, and his new initiative to end veteran homelessness.

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    E084: Doing Well by Doing Good with Mark Rockefeller's StreetShares

    Mark L Rockefeller is the CEO of StreetShares, the company with a mission to bring trusted digital finance to America's heroes. Lending money to the military community of entrepreneurs at a faster speed, a lower rate, and a more supportive manner than any bank offers, StreetShares has helped tens of thousands of veterans launch and expand businesses.

    Listen in as Mark shares his story of risking his own family's financial security to pursue his belief that he could be the solution to a serious problem facing veterans today. He also offers insight into how to get your business funded, and how to prepare yourself to take your own entrepreneurial leap.

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    E083: Living an Intentional Life with Hospitality Trendsetter Larry Broughton

    The American Dream is available to anyone willing to work for it, and Larry Broughton is a perfect example. Larry left home as a teenager and pursued his passion for martial arts. That passion lead him to the military, where he served as a Green Beret. Like so many veterans or really anyone who lives a purpose intensely, losing that purpose sent him towards a dangerous path of depression and self-destructive behavior.

    Larry openly shares his story of falling into dark places and his very difficult crawl out of them, to the top of several industries. He is a leading hotelier, a sought after speaker and strategist, and an accomplished author - but the role he most loves is that of being a father.

    Listen in as Larry offers some real-life lessons on being intentional with life, and how you can build your own American Dream.

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    E082: Rebuilding Life and Career with Tim Klund

    Tim "TK" Klund is the CEO of VERVE Systems, the still-secret corporation set to announce its new product lines later this year. He's the man who died four times after a car accident and owes his life to people who didn't give up on him.

    Making everything he can of his second chance at life, TK took a leap in his career and nearly lost everything. But with faith in God and his own hard work, he rebuilt his personal and professional lives. He's the Go-To guy for celebrity sports endorsements and he gives back to the veteran community he is a part of.

    In this episode, TK talks about the power of relationships and the importance of faith when building or rebuilding your life.

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    E081: Thank You for Your Service with Dan Berei, the Founder of Combat Flags

    You may have caught Mike Rowe's show, Returning the Favor, where he introduced us to army veteran Dan Berei.

    Dan is one of the thousands of young veterans who felt disconnected from life around him after his service. He was missing the sense of purpose he'd felt in the military, and at risk of withdrawing completely into himself.

    But, instead, Dan found a way to unleash his patriotism and pride in service through a new purpose - Combat Flags.

    In this episode, Dan shares his experience and insight for anyone struggling to find an outlet for their own passion and purpose and talks about how he is able to continue supporting veterans through his work.

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    E080: An Interview with Robert O'Neill, the Man Who Shot Bin Laden

    Robert O’Neill is one of the most decorated combat veterans of our generation. He is a former Navy SEAL, speaker, and the author of The New York Times best-selling memoir, "The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Osama bin Laden" and "My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior"

    Few Americans are unfamiliar with the story of killing Osama Bin Laden. What most people don’t know, though, is the real-life story of the man who fired those three shots.

    We were grateful to have Robert O'Neill on a Facebook LIVE for an interview.

    And the only thing better than interviewing Robert O'Neill is interviewing Rob with his brother Tom. In between the jokes and the sarcastic comments, Rob shared his thoughts on the power of a positive mindset, the challenges faced by veterans and the value they bring to the workforce.

    Oh, yeah - we also talked with Robert O'Neill about rescuing Captain Phillips and shooting Bin Laden.

    Robert's brother Tom jumped right in and shared childhood stories, memories of visiting his brother, and some family jokes. Both O'Neills have their own opinions on the viability of the American Dream today, and they shared that, too, in this episode of American Snippets.

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    E079: Turning Pain Into Purpose

    So many of us confront immense trauma and tragedy in life, leaving us to cope with different levels of pain. Quite often this pain can outweigh our coping skills, setting us up for further disaster.

    We’ve learned through our own lives, the importance of getting the upper hand on this pain before it leads us down a path that is even more difficult to return from. We’ve also had the opportunity to meet and interview people from all over this country, with their own incredible stories of turning pain into purpose.

    In this episode we pull snippets of interviews with past guests who shared their own personal stories of turning pain into a new purpose.

    Dave Roever is a Vietnam veteran who was so severely wounded that he was declared KIA. He's endured decades of surgeries and rehabilitation that have the potential to destroy his positive outlook on life. Instead, Dave turned his pain into purpose by using his experiences to help others.

    Chad Littlefield died alongside his friend Chris Kyle. His family still struggles beneath the weight of their grief, but they choose to use their own pain to honor Chad's legacy. Today they are a large part of Operation Valor, a non-profit serving to support other veteran based organizations.

    Bonnie Carroll fell hard into her own grief when her husband died in a military aviation accident. Unable to locate supportive services, Bonnie created TAPS, which is now this nation's largest and most influential tragedy support system for military families.

    Dr. Sean Stephenson was given a death sentence just moments after he was born. But this remarkable individual defied his doctors' prognosis first by living, and then by going on to lead an extraordinary life. Today Dr. Stephenson is a wildly sought after speaker and highly successful therapist.

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    E078: The Real Magic of Life and Success, with Steve Sims

    Steve Sims started as a bricklayer in London. Today he's known as "The Real Life Wizard of Oz," who makes the impossible possible. He's the master concierge behind the magic of Bluefish, a mega-high-end concierge service.

    Once a best kept secret to the ultra-wealthy, Steve's book Bluefish has exploded his name through this country and into others. Now he's turning into his escalated fame with his own style, and teaching others how less is more when it comes to building true success.

    In this episode, we get to know his business and the man behind the magic. Steve lets us in on what it's like to marry his best friend, how things are changing for him since the release of his book, and what he really thinks of the American Dream.

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    E077: Overcome Any Challenges In Life With Justin Constantine

    Combat veteran and wounded warrior Justin Constantine has overcome immense challenges in his life. Catastrophically injured by a sniper's bullet, Justin owes his life to the heroic actions of fellow warriors. With the care of numerous medical professionals and the love of his wife, Justin continually taps into his own positive mindset in order to live his life to the fullest.

    Today Justin is an inspirational speaker, author, corporate coach and leadership consultant. He is the Chief Business Development Officer at JobPath, the fastest growing veteran employment platform in the country.

    In this episode Justin shares his story of combat, injury, and recovery. He talks about the mindset that sets a person up to overcome any challenges in life.

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